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I believe your NERVOUS SYSTEM is what unifies your body, mind and spirit in the life you’re now living, and it’s FOUNDATIONAL to your state of well being in any given moment. When your nervous system is clogged up with unresolved trauma energy, it becomes dysregulated, causing problems like chronic pain, poor sleep, sexual dysfunction, irregular digestion and metabolism, as well as limiting beliefs and unresourceful behaviors, just to name a few.

Imagine that you could let go of that stuck energy and begin to:






I work with people individually via SKYPE OR PHONE in any time zone around the world to support them in releasing trapped energy, restoring their nervous systems to healthy function, and to reclaim the lives they’re here to live.

IMG_0380What if you could finally end the patterns of procrastination, self sabotage and guilt that have kept you living small and ditching your dreams?

Maybe you’ve tried it all: healthy diet, exercise, yoga and even meditation but still can’t quite find your center? Or even worse, you’ve been spending lots of bucks on all sorts of doctors and therapists but still haven’t made any real changes…

Would you like to kick those negative influences in the backside, once and for all?

What I offer is not a magic bullet, but an organic process that will help you to FREE UP STUCK ENERGY that’s been holding you back from living the life you deserve. It takes time to make a change, and every person, every session is unique. I use a trauma informed approach in coaching, and I do assign “homework”; if you want to transform your life, I’ll ask you to show up full on! My commitment is to show up with you and bring all of the tools, wisdom and compassion I have to support you in HEALING YOURSELF.

Are you curious? Want to ask me some questions? Please contact me so that we can explore whether I may be of service to you in your healing journey.