“…ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass!” I love that quote by Paul J. Meyer, a humanitarian and philanthropist known as the founder of the personal development industry. It’s my favorite one-line expression that describes the energy we can all generate and use to create our life experiences.

Just think about this: Every single act of conscious creation or self-directed change starts with a thought, followed by some mental processes and culminates with taking action!

"Imagine Indeed"

Change is in the air right now, as many of us consider what we’d like to create or transform in our lives: in our health, relationships, work, finances, life path, or spirituality. When New Year rolls around, instead of thinking about resolutions, I ask myself the following three questions, with the next twelve months as my time line:

  • What do I desire to experience?
  • What do I intend to learn and how do I commit to grow?
  • What shall I create and contribute to add value to myself, my family, my community, and the world?

After I know the answers to the three questions, I meditate for a few minutes, allowing myself to enjoy imagining the answers. When I feel ready, I journal, applying the quote above to my mind’s creations. I vividly imagine my burning desires with sincere belief that I can enthusiastically act and make it happen. I like to create colorful collages, so I usually make one to represent my “vision” for the coming year – and I always have a lot of fun with the process!

If you want to try this out for yourself, you can download this FREE exercise with 10-minute audio guide to spark your creative flow. Check out this little audio clip first, if you like:


Throughout the next twelve months, I’ll keep this yearly vision in mind on a daily basis as I ask the three questions for that day. Each day gives opportunities to take small steps toward achieving the annual goals and intentions, while I focus on how I plan to use my life energy that day.

Now, I know you may be thinking, “I’ve tried that (or something similar) and it didn’t work for me”, and I’m not surprised. You see, in order to succeed in creating what you desire, all four of the elements in the quote must be present. Most people get hung up on one or more of them. These are the two most common blocks: “sincerely believe” and “enthusiastically act upon”.

Think of the four phrases in the quote as elements of a process, and unpack them by looking at the verbs and adverbs. First look at “ardently desire”: this is pretty clear, right? Make sure you pick something that is truly your burning desire, and not someone else’s plan for you! Ask yourself why you desire the thing, and consider whether having it will be in alignment with your values and purpose. If not, find another burning desire!

Next, consider “vividly imagine”: how do you do that? Do you “see” it, “know” it, “feel” it, “hear” it, “smell or taste” it? Or is it just words in your mind? Your internal representation (IR) is unique to you- it’s whatever your creative imagination comes up with – roll with it. Now, how do you make it vivid? You can do that by giving as much detail and sensory information to it as you can, in your mind and on the paper.

Ok, now let’s tackle the biggest obstacle for most people: “sincerely believe”. Let’s be realistic here, shall we? You don’t really believe you can create what you desire, do you? Why not? It could be that what you’ve chosen is just too big a stretch for you at this time, or maybe you have some limiting beliefs about your worthiness, your ability, about possibility, or about lack. It will take some inner work to clear the obstacle if it’s based on limiting belief. Fortunately, each one of us is free to choose what we think and believe, and there are several great ways to change limiting beliefs to empowering ones.

Finally, none of this matters without enthusiastic action! What stops people from taking action? It could be a number of things, like procrastination, distraction, lack of knowledge, lack of discipline, or lack of confidence, to name a few. Luckily, we all have the ability to change any of the things that prevent action. Working with a coach or an accountability partner can help, and EFT tapping is one great method for clearing negative beliefs and habits that can get in the way.

Remember, as Mastin Kipp said in his book, Growing Into Grace, learning personal development tools without actually taking action is just “spiritual entertainment”!

Ok, so what if I’ve done the steps and it still doesn’t get me what I  desire? I look at it this way – if I miss the mark, maybe I need to look more closely at my inner landscape for something that needs tending. In any case, doing the exercise is fun and creative, and the visualization is relaxing, so I’m taking great care of my nervous system while I’m at it.

Go ahead and try this for yourself by downloading the exercise above – and have fun with it!

If you’d like to explore coaching with me or learn more about overcoming obstacles with tapping, please contact me for a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION  so we can discuss how I may support you in creating the changes you choose to make in your life.

“All serious daring starts from within.” – Eudora Welty

Here’s my challenge: what do you seriously dare to change or create in 2016? Please comment below, and be sure to share this post with your friends!

photo credit: Imagine Indeed via photopin (license)

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