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Happiness and Well-being

are possible for everyone, even if you grew up with adversity or you’ve experienced trauma.

I know this from personal experience.

No matter what we’ve been through, when we release past traumas and restore our nervous systems to health, we can bounce forward beyond adversity, illness or limitation to thrive in vibrant, fulfilling lives of

purpose, passion and wisdom.

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I serve you, my client, by teaching you about the nature of trauma and how it affects the foundation of your wellness – the nervous system. I coach you in achieving your life goals by helping you to clarify your vision and create your own stepwise path to healing with renewed energy and motivation as you identify and resolve hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success. Using a unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting, I guide you as you literally TAP INTO emotional freedom from shame, blame, guilt, resentment, or whatever distress you feel related to past wounds. You’ll find that as you heal stuck trauma and change limiting beliefs, you’ll experience higher levels of energy, focus and well-being.

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What I do

Are you sick of chronic pain or unexplained symptoms? Feeling tired of sleep trouble? Do you crave better digestion or metabolism?

Maybe you’ve noticed that normal, everyday stress triggers anxiety and overwhelm for you while everyone else seems to handle it fine. I’ll help you release stuck energy and restore your nervous system to healthy function, so you can open up great new levels of vitality and wellness in your life.

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Are your relationships sad, stressed out affairs, filled with anger and frustration? Do you keep choosing the “wrong” mate, over and over again?
You may avoid relating with others because it seems easier that way. I’ll help you heal and regulate your nervous system, and you’ll begin to experience much more compassion for yourself and others. You’ll start creating the loving, functional relationships you’ve always dreamed of sharing.

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Dread going to work? Confused about your life purpose? Dream big but then give up, lacking confidence, focus and motivation to take inspired action?

You might believe you’re not good enough (smart, talented, strong, etc.) to become who you really want to be. When traumatic energy gets stuck in the nervous system, limiting beliefs can get formed. I’ll help you to clear that trapped energy, and you’ll create the beliefs that serve you.

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Nice things people say….

Cheryl is absolutely fantastic! I employed her for both her EFT and Coaching work and I was completely blown away. I started my session feeling weighed down, aggravated, and tense and walked out feeling recharged, refreshed, and relaxed.

The initial outcome was, by far, more than I expected. What continued to surprise me was how I felt for days and weeks to afterward: I felt more empowered and more centered in myself; the impact was unwavering. Cheryl is amazing: her vibrant and loving energy supported me immensely through this process. She is so authentic and real, you cannot help but love her and feel loved by her.

-Shayna Clements, Client Relationship Specialist

Cheryl is a gifted and committed agent of growth and change. Her enthusiasm and positivity are infectious.

She has an innate ability to inspire and help lead you to ‘a­ha’ moments that are so memorable and valuable when untangling your inner complexities, making the connections in your inner world that help propel you forward into more light and understanding.

-Brigitte Kranabitl, LMT
Deep Transformational Bodywork

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